Heart Surgery in Thailand

Both balloon angioplasty (also know as stents) and heart bypass treatment is available in Thailand.


Prices start from $3000 for simple angioplasty procedures. 

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We will aim to explain the two most common forms of heart surgery, which are balloon angioplasty and heart bypass.
The term balloon angioplasty involves the inflation of a balloon stent within the coronary artery to crush the plaque back into the walls of the artery.
The stent is inserted via an artery usually in the patients wrist and the stent travels along to the coronary artery where the blockage is located and the balloon is then inflated to widen the artery and allow blood to flow without restriction. 
This is a relatively simple procedure normally performed under local anaesthetic and after spending one to two nights in hospital the patient will normally be discharged and be able to resume normal life. 
A heart bypass is when part of a vein or artery is removed from another part of your body (normally your thigh) the surgeon uses this artery to build a new pathway for blood to reach your heart. These new pathways are called grafts and the severity of your condition determines how many of these grafts you will need. 
Please watch the video below for a more detailed explanation and if you are interested in a cardiac consultation please contact one of our advisors for more information.

In order to avoid conditions such as heart disease it is important to eat healthily, take regular exercise and avoid alcohol and cigarettes.
However, even if you live a healthy lifestyle, other factors such as hereditary diseases can mean you end up suffering with heart disease.
It is perfectly possible to make changes to your lifestyle to reduce the risk of needing heart surgery but if the risk of heart attack is severe or you have already experienced a heart attack, your cardiologist may recommend surgery.

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